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July 19, 2012

Pieces of Wonderland: Kei Acedera

You know me and my love of all things Wonderland, one of my favoritest books. Well, I recently discovered the art of Kei Acedera and I am totally dying. The whimsy she infuses into her art has made me instantly enamored with her work. Her Wonderland pieces are just too cute and lovely to pass up, and I just had to buy the “Trumpet” and “Five Past Nine” prints as a pair. I love the “Teamwork” one, too, but I’m trying to control myself. haha.

Now on the hunt to get my hands on a copy of the “Pieces of Wonderland” art book that they offered at Comic-Con. Wish me luck!


Pool of Tears


Five Past Nine


Bread & Butterflies






March 12, 2012

kero’s wishlist: marc by marc jacobs lock

Where can I get one??


image via fitsugar


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March 1, 2012

Kero’s Wishlist: Ideative Socket Sense

Brilliant. Expandable surge protector from Ideative.



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January 11, 2012

Kero’s Wishlist: The Fiore Sofa

The Fiore Sofa by Xue Qin Sun Benoit. So beautiful and versatile.







Images via here.


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December 19, 2011

Kero’s Wishlist: Bender Bound

Two of my favorite things gettin’ cozy. Bender Bound – “Hiding Booze in Books Since 2011.” These neat repurposed books are all handcrafted and come with lovely glass flasks. Needless to say, I want.