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April 30, 2012

The Dealio: Everlane

Not sure if I already pimped this site, but I recently discovered Everlane and wanted to share. It’s an online shop of basics (and I mean very basic, at least at this point). Their concept is to offer designer quality pieces for much less (everything under $100) by working direct with manufacturers and retailing online only.

Their selection is intentionally limited so they can focus on design. Right now the selection is limited to T’s, sweatshirts, totes and belts for men and women. But thankfully this is not one of those minimum purchase every x months type of deal. And because they’re selection is so limited, at least I don’t have to worry about going shopping crazy on the site.

So, I ordered a couple of their Classic T’s because I go through my basics pretty regularly. And $15 for designer quality sounded good to me! I’ve been getting annoyed that even my Gap shirts are starting to disappoint in the quality department (e.g. holes after a couple washes). Happy to report that so far I’m loving the T’s.  They will be perfect for the coming warm weather as they are super duper soft and really light. The white I pair with a tank underneath. They’ve already gone through the wash a couple of times and so far so good.

Worth a look here.




March 26, 2012

Lyla & Blu Print

Omigoodness! I saw this on Lyla & Blu’s blog the other day and was so smitten that I just HAD to ask if a print were available for purchase. Inspired by Finding Nemo, I love the minimalist look and humor of this inspirational print.

Christian & Hannah, of Lyla & Blu, responded immediately and were sweet enough to quickly put up the Etsy listing for the print for me to purchase.  Thank you, thank you! I can’t wait to hang it up. It’s sure to start my days off with a smile.

Oh, and if you’re not already aware of their blog, I’d highly recommend checking it out. It’s filled with wonderful images inspired by the 1920’s. Vintage awesomeness.


Lyla & Blu


February 29, 2012

keroiam on tumblr!

Hey, ya’ll. Imma pimp my own tumblr out today. ^_^

I’m falling a bit behind on my WordPressing as I’ve been busy happily posting on my new keroiam.tumblr account. It’s been certainly serving it’s purpose of curbing my pinning madness and I’m really liking having my own curated collection of makes-kero-happy images. Come visit me there if you have a moment and let me know what you think!

Happy Leap Day!




January 27, 2012

The Moderate Juicer

Gotta give a shout out to my girl, Lammie, who has recently started a blog to share her new adventures in juicing. She and her hubby are by no means health nuts and still greatly enjoy their “naughty” foods, but were motivated to balance it all out with good-for-you juicing.

While she’s a juicing newbie, The Moderate Juicer is already filled with great tips, recipes and lessons. If you’re already a juicing pro, great!, because she’d love feedback and your own tips. If you’re just starting out, also great! — story swap time! Even if you’re just curious or are wanting to incorporate some healthy tips into your diet, I’d suggest everyone go have look. I’m not a juicer but know I’m definitely not getting enough goodies into my system, and I’ve already learned a bunch and am becoming inspired by how simply I could boost my health.

And if anything, it’s worth it to pop over just to see her beyond-cute Mr. Googley Eyes produce scrubber.


"happiness in a glass"



January 24, 2012

S+A Giveaway on Pink Peonies



Woohoo! Another S+A Giveaway! Check out Pink Peonies to learn how one lucky winner will get their choice of one item from the Stitched + Adorned Shop. Sweet!


Pink Peonies' Rach in S+A's Perfect Ornament Necklace