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April 19, 2012

Pic Nic Pants

No, no, no, no, no. WHY are these necessary in life? Whyyyy?

According to Pic Nic Pants designer Acquacalda, this is why:

“Fashion imposes forms to whom finding a function seems a must. Pic Nic pants take advantage of the usual cross-legged position to become a comfortable surface useful for the consumption of a meal outdoors. Laterally pants have an orientable pocket for drinks.”

Pic Nic Pants, sorry, but FAIL.



via Design Fetish


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November 29, 2011

BR Photoshop FAIL

Ok, BR. Really? Photoshop wiggedy wackness I noticed yesterday while Cyber Monday browsing. I understand that chunky sweaters are not always the most flattering, but little did I know that they even affect the look of body parts not actually touching the material. I mean, even her hair hair is thinner in the second photo. I guess at least she’s not missing her thigh or an entire leg. But still, boo.


Model wearing the BR Textured Cowlneck Sweater

Model wearing BR V-Neck Pleat Shell Sweater

















BR photoshop FAIL.



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November 3, 2011


Brandages: “All-Purpose Designer Bandages are original custom designs to compliment top fashion brands. With a wide variety of logos and patterns to choose from there is a bandage to fit every look. Our designer packs are created one goal in mind… ‘to health in style’.”

*sigh*  Frealz?? Come on now, people..

Brandages (and at 12 for $8) = FAIL







Images via Design Fetish

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September 21, 2011

Lederhosen Laptop Sleeves = FAIL

Every once in a while, there comes along a design/product idea that immediately makes you think, WTH or WHYYYYY? Here is one of those times.

Hilarious as it may be, seriously,  Cover Bee, WTH and WHYYY is this necessary in life? And at nearly $200!


Lederhosen Laptop Sleeve from Cover Bee


Image from LA Times


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