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August 10, 2012

The Dealio: Summer Finds for Under $20

Holy cow it’s been so crazy crazy hot in Los Angeles lately! Triple digits where I live. I was listening to the radio the other day and the DJ summed it up nicely. “The temperature today is O.M.F.G. degrees.” lol

Anywho, I know the stores are slowly starting to roll out the Fall stuff, but I feel like I’m not adequately stocked for this kind of sticky, muggy, miserable weather. But here are some sweet summer finds for under $20. They make me feel a little better. 🙂





Clockwise from top left:  Anthropologie Intersected Vibrance Camisole: $14.95 ~ J.Crew Two-Tone Straw Hat: $19.99 ~ J.Crew Favorite Tank: $9.99-12.99 ~ Target Merona Beach Tote: $19.99 ~ Forever 21 High-Low Dress with Belt: $19.80 ~ Anthropologie On Holiday Shades: $19.95 ~ Sephora Lacquer Nail Polish: $3 ~ American Eagle AEO Embossed Flip Flop: $14.99


Stay cool and hydrated, everyone! xo


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May 31, 2012

The Dealio: Everlane Totes

Heads up, people.  Everlane has new totes for sale!

The new totes have fun summer stripeys. And just $35 for a roomy bag of raw canvas with leather straps.


The Striped Tote: Navy Blue


The Striped Tote: Red


The Striped Tote: Yellow


Though, the solid totes are great, too. And only $30.


The Solid Tote: Orange


Join (it’s free and no obligations or hassles) and see more from Everlane here. And my previous post on them here.  🙂


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April 30, 2012

The Dealio: Everlane

Not sure if I already pimped this site, but I recently discovered Everlane and wanted to share. It’s an online shop of basics (and I mean very basic, at least at this point). Their concept is to offer designer quality pieces for much less (everything under $100) by working direct with manufacturers and retailing online only.

Their selection is intentionally limited so they can focus on design. Right now the selection is limited to T’s, sweatshirts, totes and belts for men and women. But thankfully this is not one of those minimum purchase every x months type of deal. And because they’re selection is so limited, at least I don’t have to worry about going shopping crazy on the site.

So, I ordered a couple of their Classic T’s because I go through my basics pretty regularly. And $15 for designer quality sounded good to me! I’ve been getting annoyed that even my Gap shirts are starting to disappoint in the quality department (e.g. holes after a couple washes). Happy to report that so far I’m loving the T’s.  They will be perfect for the coming warm weather as they are super duper soft and really light. The white I pair with a tank underneath. They’ve already gone through the wash a couple of times and so far so good.

Worth a look here.




March 29, 2012

The Dealio: Shabby Chic Fleur de Lis

I love the look of Athropologie’s Fleur de Lys dinnerware pieces. But, alas, it being Anthro, I need to watch my wallet and only treat myself to piece every once in a while. I did, however, pick up the pretty Fleur de Lys bowl as a catch-all for my vanity.

If you like the look, too, good news! I discovered Target has a similar collection of Shabby Chic Fleur de Lis bath accessories at a bit more tolerable prices. Really cute and well made, so I picked up the bathroom tray and ceramic cotton ball jar for the vanity, as well.

Check it out!



Fleur de Lys Bowl

Fleur de Lys Cup & Saucer

Fleur de Lys Large Dinner Platter


Fleur de Lis Soap Dish

Fleur de Lis Cotton Ball Jar

Fleur de Lis Tumbler



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March 19, 2012

The Dealio: Vintner Black Side Chair

I’m happy to report that we are finally getting rid of our large dining table! While it’s nice in a large, heavy, traditionally styled way, it’s so big in our little dining area space as to be minimally functional and totally awkward. I took advantage of Kat’s Crate & Barrel registry discount to order their Avalon extension table, which I’ve been eyeing for a while now. It’s been difficult to find an extension table to suit our needs. I like this one because it is compact for our small space and can be extended a bit for when we have company, while still fitting the space.


C&B Avalon Black Extension Dining Table


I’ve decided it would be perfect to get 4 chairs for it and a small bench, which can be tucked under when the table is pushed up against the wall for everyday use. But while I do love those C&B chairs, at $140 each, the costs would get a bit too high for my liking. So I did a search and found some comparable ones from IKEA.


C&B Vintner Black Side Chair $140














While the color is a bit off (black vs. black-brown), I think it’s close enough.  What do you think?


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