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October 18, 2012

Erin Amir: Black & White (In Colour)

This is really cool video. According to Erin Amir’s YouTube post:

A black & white video created by painting a whole room (including myself) in shades of grey. All footage was captured on camera in colour.

*** No Colour Correction was used to alter the footage ***






And see the making of this video here:



{found via Colossal}


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October 5, 2012

lllustrations & Pencil Shavings: Marta Altes

How cute and clever! This series by Marta Altes is called Playing with pencil shavings.


































































See Altes’ website for more of her work.

{Found via enpundit}


September 11, 2012

The New Yorker: September 24, 2001

Posted last year today, on the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.




“Ten years ago, my husband, the cartoonist Art Spiegelman, our daughter, and I stood four blocks away from the second tower as we watched it collapse in excruciatingly slow motion. Later, back in my office, I felt that images were suddenly powerless to help us understand what had happened. The only appropriate solution seemed to be to publish no cover image at all—an all-black cover. Then Art suggested adding the outlines of the two towers, black on black. So from no cover came a perfect image, which conveyed something about the unbearable loss of life, the sudden absence in our skyline, the abrupt tear in the fabric of reality.”

– Art Editor Françoise Mouly on “9/11/2001,” the first New Yorker cover following 9/11.


{via newyorker.tumblr}


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August 27, 2012

Ben Heine: Pencil vs Camera

Woo, vacation day for me! Why? Because yesterday was my birthday and I just plain didn’t feel like working today. That’s what personal days are for, right? 🙂

Hope ya’ll had a great weekend and have a great Monday!


To start off your week, check out this cool series by Ben Heine called Pencil vs Camera. Hand drawings overlapping photographs to produce these amazing images. Why can’t I be this clever?




















{Images via Digital Photography School and more images here}


This series sorta reminds me of the travel souvenir photos series, too.


August 22, 2012

Dancers Among Us

Some beautiful photos from the “Dancers Among Us” series by Jordan Matter.

In his artist’s statement, Matter explains his inspiration for this series:

“[…] As I played with my son, I thought about creating photographs that would show the world as if through the fantastical eyes of a child. The people in the images would be alive and in the moment, celebrating all aspects and emotions of everyday life. […] Asking dancers to embody these ideals makes perfect sense. Dancers are storytellers. They’re trained to personify passionate moments, their bodies imbued with a stunning combination of artistry and athleticism. They create a fantasy world, offering us a deeper look into familiar settings. They bring to life what we feel but are unable to express physically. […]”



Times Square, NYC – Jeffrey Smith



Macys, NYC – Annmaria Mazzini



Sarasota, FL – Danielle Brown



Palisades Mall, NY – Aisha Mitchell



Madison, GA – Jacob Bush and Claire Stallman



Minetta Lane, NYC – Alex Wong



Ft Tryon Park, NYC – Adrienne Hayes


{Found via epundit. More photos here.}


These surreal and graceful movements in everyday situations reminds me also of the levitation photos by yowayowa.