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November 6, 2012

Mini Pumpkin Sweets

So dang cute! You know I heart me some mini versions of things, so I squealed inside when I saw these mini-sweets on the spoon fork bacon blog. These adorable (and delicious sounding) sweets are from a Halloween party post, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t be just as appropriate for a Thanksgiving party.

Recipes here.











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October 22, 2012

Halloween Ideas: Part II

More neat Halloween ideas!



{via Poppytalk}


Keeping it old school. This is so dang cute.


















{via Tammy Mitchell Designs}


For personal use only, you can download these free Bugs & Kisses printables from Tammy Mitchell Designs’ site. What a great favor idea! Plastic spiders and some Hershey’s kisses. Love it.













{via lulu at home}


Why, hello there, Mr. Owl, with your big ol’ cutie pie eyes!

Oh, lordy, but he is adorable. This is one of those ideas you just gotta love. It’s just so versatile.

~ Use your favorite cupcake recipe and chocolate frosting.
~ Shortcut it by using store bought cupcakes.
~ Can’t you imagine using this method for making… a frog cupcake (reposition the eyes higher up)… an alien cupcake… or you could buy the vanilla-cream cookies to try a different character… Or let your kids decide. hehe.











{via Martha Stewart}


A budget-friendly way to decorate favor bags! The skull template is included, but if you feel up to it, you can bust out your carving skills and get creative with it.













I’ll post more ideas this week!


October 19, 2012

Halloween Ideas: Part I

Sharing some fun ideas for Halloween that I’ve found. 🙂



{via Martha Stewart}

How cute are these! I found these (too late) last year and thought they were such a funny, clever idea. They totally crack me up.














{via Martha Stewart}


These look so great on stairs and the floors. You could also put them with any table that’s against a wall or have them climb up various pieces of furniture. Use your imagination and get your creepy on.















{via PaperVine}


Here is a DIY from PaperVine that shows you how to make these cute Halloween treat containers. Once you’ve got the method down, you could adjust to make them various sizes. This is a versatile project — would be really cute for party favors, too. Just switch it up with different paper!












{via Pastry Affair}


Ok, seriously, how cool are these spider cupcakes! I wish I was hosting a Halloween party just so I could make these. In the photo, spider cupcake holders are used, but the recipe states that black licorice can be used to form the legs. So awesome.








I’ll post more ideas next week!


September 24, 2012

NAM for Harbor City Chocolate Trail

This is a really cool campaign that I found on Colossal, which I’ve been meaning to post.  According to Colossal:

First: everything in these photos, liquid typography included, is part of a single photograph, and if you don’t believe it just watch the video. This new series of ads was created by art/design collective NAM […] for the Harbour City Chocolate Trail, a charity project for the Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation. The series uses their signature method of suspending objects and people with strings and cables to create weightless environments that appear to be caught mid-explosion. See many more photos and behind the scenes videos of the project here.











{Images via Colossal}


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August 29, 2012

Aurora: Glow-in-the-Dark Cocktail

Meet Aurora, brought to you by your friends over at The Campus Companion Party Lab. Aurora apparently glows under black light so the liquid looks like aurora borealis.  And just 3 easy ingredients: gin/vodka, tonic water, and Roses Mojito Passion/pink lemonade concentrate.

I still don’t get how this works, but YAY FOR SCIENCE! This is why geeks rule, people. And now I need to go buy a black light stat.



{Found via Design Fetish}