Welcome to my little blip in the blogosphere!


What is a Kero?
Why, I am Kero. Kero I am.

My buddies call me Kero. It’s a nickname that’s been with me since high school, many, many… many years ago… (time is seriously not flying by this quickly, right?)


Why blog?
I actually started this blog because my friend, J, thought it would be a great way to share my creative adventures and what I learn (including from mistakes!), the news I hear, etc. It sounded like a fun idea, but bloggin’ ain’t easy! My little blog is unsophisticated and rough, but I hope to make it a casual and friendly place where you hopefully find something interesting. 🙂


Who am I?
I’m an office ant with a crazy dreadful commute, but secretly (well, no, not so secretly) I am a wanna-be Martha Stewart and have a creative side that is bursting for an outlet. I have a very curious mind and everything fascinates me. I’m awed by all the inspiration around me, including my friends, family, and all those awesomely talented individuals I read about every day. For the purposes of this blog, though, I will narrow my posts down to things that catch my eye and mind around arts, culture, food, design and other such creative inspirations and aspirations. I’m an LA girl, so the focus will be here in La-La-Land.

But be warned, my fascination with all means my sensibilities run the gamut from girly and cutesy to dark and strange, from clean and modern to vintage and detailed, from high brow to low.  Hopefully this doesn’t end up making my blog run all kinds of crazy. Then again, I can be pretty all over the place, so maybe that would be fitting.


Thanks  so much for stopping by!  xo, kero


Also come visit me on Tumblr!

Email me at:  iamkeroiam@gmail.com



2 Comments to “ABOUT”

  1. you’re pretty good at being a “wannabe” martha stewart!

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