Birthday and Getting My Goat On

Oy, it’s birthday time again. Dang, that came back around fast!

I’m definitely at that age where I don’t want to organize any hoopla about getting older. Ignoring it sorta seems better for my state of mind. BUT I’m pretty excited to use birthday time as an excuse to finally check out the goat dinner at the always delicious Tar & Roses this weekend. I’m really looking forward to trying goat for the first time and all the yummalicious sides that Chef Andrew is guaranteed to whip up with my peeps who were down to their goat on with me. I suspect people around us might groak at us.

Oh, did I tell you I learned a new word? Groak.



I hope I used that correctly. I thought it was hilarious because I’m sure I groak all the time. But it’s sort of a pitiful sounding word, isn’t it? Although, I’d bet I would look pitiful as I groaked at a table of happy people gorging on a roasted goat feast… haha.


Anywho, I hope everyone has a great and delicious weekend, as well!

xo, kero



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