The Dealio: Summer Finds for Under $20

Holy cow it’s been so crazy crazy hot in Los Angeles lately! Triple digits where I live. I was listening to the radio the other day and the DJ summed it up nicely. “The temperature today is O.M.F.G. degrees.” lol

Anywho, I know the stores are slowly starting to roll out the Fall stuff, but I feel like I’m not adequately stocked for this kind of sticky, muggy, miserable weather. But here are some sweet summer finds for under $20. They make me feel a little better. 🙂





Clockwise from top left:  Anthropologie Intersected Vibrance Camisole: $14.95 ~ J.Crew Two-Tone Straw Hat: $19.99 ~ J.Crew Favorite Tank: $9.99-12.99 ~ Target Merona Beach Tote: $19.99 ~ Forever 21 High-Low Dress with Belt: $19.80 ~ Anthropologie On Holiday Shades: $19.95 ~ Sephora Lacquer Nail Polish: $3 ~ American Eagle AEO Embossed Flip Flop: $14.99


Stay cool and hydrated, everyone! xo


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