Denim Shorts DIY

So, I have a ton of jeans that I never wear because they just don’t fit right. I’ve resisted buying the expensive designer jeans because I couldn’t justify spending $150-300 on a pair of jeans when I could buy some at the Gap or wherever for a fraction of the price. But I’ve recently realized, while trying on and being unhappy with the drawer full of these jeans that I might need to rethink my game plan.

My new mantra lately has been quality, not quantity. Well, not really new, but going back to this age old piece of good advice.

I polled my girlfriends for their favorite designer jeans and it took several trips of trying on different pairs and brands, but I finally invested in a pair of Paige bootcuts and AG cigarettes and am completely in love. And I got them during a Bloomies sale!

These two are now my staples and I wear the heck out of them. They’re comfortable, quality and they actually fit and flatter my funky body! Yes, they are pricey, but in the end (for me with the funky body), having a few of these well-fitting jeans turns out to be much more economical that a drawer full of ill-fitting ones. You feel me?

Ok, so now to the point of this post. What am I going to do with all my old jeans? Probably Goodwill them as I do with most of my clothes. But then I saw this DIY on Hello Giggles and think this may be the way to go. Perfect timing as I’d been on search for some denim shorts!


DIY: The Perfect Jean Shorts


via Hello Giggles



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