Solar Eclipse

Did anyone get the chance to see the solar eclipse this past Sunday?

A few friends and I decided to have an eclipse watching party at Kat’s place because she and Jimmy have the perfect rooftop for it. I was pretty jazzed about it since I’d never seen one before. I know, loserville.

Luckily, Jimmy is also a handy dandy science nerd, so he knew to set up his binoculars for watching it. By the way, I accidentally looked up at the very beginning of the eclipse and that ish was BRIGHT! Do people even need to warned about it? How could you stand to stare?? My immediate reaction was to yelp and cover my eyes!


eclipse watching set-up


Anywho, the day had been super bright and hot, but around eclipse time, it got really overcast, cloudy and chilly. The sun kept going in and out. Several times when clouds were passing, we could stand to look up (sunglasses on) and snap a few phone pics. But about 10 minutes before the eclipse peak, it went completely overcast and we didn’t see the sun again! BOOOOO. Dang marine layer or whatever that was! Sadness!

There is a second chance at astronomical coolness with the transit of Venus on June 5. I hate to miss this one since it won’t happen again until 2117, but I’ll be at the a the LMFAO concert!

















In the end, we soothed our disappointment by gorging on an awesome potluck dinner, which included Jimmy’s cornish game hens he’d roasted in their smoker and Kat’s awesome gazpacho.

And here are some neat clips of the eclipse I found, in case you missed it.


via geologo



via kingudamu


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3 Comments to “Solar Eclipse”

  1. AWWWW I missed it!!!! I’m so bummed. Glad you had a good time and took PICTURES. You should really do that more 🙂

    • i know. have been so bad at the picture taking lately. makes me tired thinking about the editing. haha. but i suppose iphone pics, while grainy, are better than nothing, right? =)

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