MONSTRUM Playgrounds

Danish firm MONSTRUM designs playgrounds. According to their website, their design philosophy is:

MONSTRUM believes that playground design should be a reflection of the world surrounding us. 

We see the world as a place full of colour. We meet boys that like pink and girls that likes trees, so why only play on a monky frame and a sandbox, when you can play in a moon crater or a submarine or a giant spider or an enormous snail or a Trojans horse or a rocket or an ant or a princess castle. The fantasy is infinite. 


This might very well become my new philosophy for living.

Can I play, too?


(click on each image to read and see more about the project)

The Blue whale in Gothenburg, Sweden.



Tower Playground in Fælledparken, Cophenhagen.



The Cargoship in Höganäs



The Giant Spider and the Mushrooms



Rasmus Klump Land at Tivoli, Copenhagen


{found via Colossal}



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