Etsy Finds: Dainty Rings

I’m really loving delicate, dainty rings. Whether you choose to stack them or wear each one on its own to showcase a pretty stone, there’s something so feminine and darling about them. Such a ring, handmade with an oval Russian amber, was my only souvenir from a recent Texas trip. And don’t they seem especially appropriate for the Spring as we lighten and brighten up our uniforms?

Here are some pretty handmade finds from Etsy. That Peridot might be cute on me. It’s my birthstone, but I don’t own a thing that includes it.



linayu shop: Handmade sterling silver ring with round rose quartz

BellatrinaJewelry shop: Tiny Circle Hammered Gold Filled Ring















EveryBearJewel shop: Oval Peridot Dainty Silver Ring

proteales shop: Tiny Black Spinel Ring

















MARYJOHN shop: Made to Order – Moon on a Golden Thread – Hammered Stacking Ring


IndulgentDesigns shop: Argentium Sterling Silver single knot














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2 Comments to “Etsy Finds: Dainty Rings”

  1. this is great. I’ve been wanting a gorgeous dainty ring for years, but I haven’t taken the time to narrow down my choices. i guess first things first i should figure out my size

  2. These are so adorable, I love the delicateness of the know ring. It is so subtle it could probably be worn with another ring on the same finger.

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