The Dealio: Everlane

Not sure if I already pimped this site, but I recently discovered Everlane and wanted to share. It’s an online shop of basics (and I mean very basic, at least at this point). Their concept is to offer designer quality pieces for much less (everything under $100) by working direct with manufacturers and retailing online only.

Their selection is intentionally limited so they can focus on design. Right now the selection is limited to T’s, sweatshirts, totes and belts for men and women. But thankfully this is not one of those minimum purchase every x months type of deal. And because they’re selection is so limited, at least I don’t have to worry about going shopping crazy on the site.

So, I ordered a couple of their Classic T’s because I go through my basics pretty regularly. And $15 for designer quality sounded good to me! I’ve been getting annoyed that even my Gap shirts are starting to disappoint in the quality department (e.g. holes after a couple washes). Happy to report that so far I’m loving the T’s.  They will be perfect for the coming warm weather as they are super duper soft and really light. The white I pair with a tank underneath. They’ve already gone through the wash a couple of times and so far so good.

Worth a look here.





4 Responses to “The Dealio: Everlane”

  1. I want to try those baggie tees….

  2. do you know how often they update inventory?


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