Hand Soaps: Stretch That Dollar!

Here are a couple of easy DIYs that equal big savings when it comes to liquid and foaming hand soaps.


Liquid Hand Soap

Robyn over at The Farmer’s Nest has shared her DIY for making liquid soap from a bar of soap. In her example, she uses her favorite Meyer’s soap and transforms the bar (which costs about $5) into a gallon of liquid soap! Compare that to a 12 oz. bottle of the same Meyer’s liquid soap which costs about $4.


The Farmer's Nest: Liquid Soap DIY



Homemade Foaming Soap

Ok, so I feel pretty lame for not realizing (or even thinking about) just how much we get jipped when we purchase those foaming soaps we love so much until I saw this super simple DIY. Now that I know, this homemade version makes much more sense. Especially when you’re trying to make every dollar count!


The Frugal Girls: Foaming Soap DIY



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