Dealio: Bloomies Deals

So, I have had my eye on the new round faced Michael Kors watches for a while now and the espresso colored ones had drawn me in immediately. As I’ve been wavering these past months on whether to get one, I’ve been hit with temptation left and right by images of the watches all over fashion blogs and as my friends scooped them up in the various pretty colors and designs. So, this Sunday I was at Bloomingdale’s to return something and strolled by the watch counter to look again. Kat convinced me to just go head and get it. After all, $250 is not too bad of a splurge especially considering I haven’t bought myself watch in nearly 10 years.

As it turned out, Bloomies is having a deal for cardholders through the 18th so my purchase qualified for $50 off!  Then I had to reapply for an account as my old one was apparently closed due to inactivity. But, booyah!, another 20% off as a new account discount! So basically, I saved $90. SUPER excited. All the more so since the entire transaction hadn’t been planned. Yay.


My new watch!


As if we weren’t jazzed enough, the happy times were compounded when the super nice sales rep offered to re-ring the boots we had just purchased to take advantage of my 20% off. Kat & I had just scored some short Hunters that happened to be 50% off and we just happened to nab the last ones in our sizes. Awesome because we had both wanted a pair, but couldn’t justify spending the $ on rainboots with our So Cal weather. But with the 50% then an addition 20% off — no brainer.  Seriously, getting surprise deals like this is THE BESTEST! It was a good day.


Nabbed these for a total of $50 including tax!


So, if you’d had your eye on anything special, this week may be a good time to score it. Click here for the Bloomies deal details.


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