The Adorable Illustrations of Oliver Jeffers

Around the time “kero” became a nickname for me (high school), my friends also started associating me with penguins (long story). Penguins are the cutest, so I’m down with the association. That’s why, when I saw the illustrations by Oliver Jeffers over at How I Waste Time, I totally squealed (inside my mind, of course, as I was at work).

Jeffers is a British artist whose works include a book called Lost and Found about a penguin that shows up on a boy’s doorstep and their journey as the boy attempts to return the penguin home. Jeffer’s illustrations are simple, lovely and oh-so-sweet. After I saw this first one, I was done. Where can I get my copy.

I ordered Lost and Found on Amazon, and can’t wait til it arrives. Apparently there is also a companion book called Up and Down that’ll definitely be included in my next order. Cute, cute, cute!


From "Lost and Found"


From "Lost and Found"


From "How To Catch A Star"

 Images via Oliver Jeffers


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One Comment to “The Adorable Illustrations of Oliver Jeffers”

  1. sssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooo you! love it. and super cute.

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