The Moderate Juicer

Gotta give a shout out to my girl, Lammie, who has recently started a blog to share her new adventures in juicing. She and her hubby are by no means health nuts and still greatly enjoy their “naughty” foods, but were motivated to balance it all out with good-for-you juicing.

While she’s a juicing newbie, The Moderate Juicer is already filled with great tips, recipes and lessons. If you’re already a juicing pro, great!, because she’d love feedback and your own tips. If you’re just starting out, also great! — story swap time! Even if you’re just curious or are wanting to incorporate some healthy tips into your diet, I’d suggest everyone go have look. I’m not a juicer but know I’m definitely not getting enough goodies into my system, and I’ve already learned a bunch and am becoming inspired by how simply I could boost my health.

And if anything, it’s worth it to pop over just to see her beyond-cute Mr. Googley Eyes produce scrubber.


"happiness in a glass"




One Comment to “The Moderate Juicer”

  1. girrrrrrrrrrrrrl! much love to you. thanks for such a sweet post!!!

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