Gehry’s World Savings and Loan

Angelenos, did you know this neat little structure in Toluca Lake, which is now home to a Wells Fargo branch, is a Frank Gehry design built 30 years ago? At the time, apparently Gehry was “rethinking the plain commercial boxes that proliferate in the typical American landscape.” Cool. I’m all for this kind of thinking. Read more about it here.


via LAT Culture Monster



6 Comments to “Gehry’s World Savings and Loan”

  1. oh interesting! i never would’ve noticed that.

  2. oh wow! I’m never in toluca lake… that’s neat!

  3. That’s the awesome thing about LA, you can throw a rock in just about any old suburb and you’ll hit a random Gehry, Neutra, Wright, etc…

    Frank Gehry actually lives a few blocks from where I work!

    • it’s so true. i’d love to do an LA architecture tour. ooo, i’ve heard of this house! i didn’t realize it was so close to you.

      • It actually looks like a crazy mess from the street. When I used to pass by (then not knowing who lived there), I thought it was some half-assed unfinished experimental project by some failed architecture student.


        Maybe if you’re lucky you can pass by and see him watering his lawn.

      • haha. ya, it looks pretty funky in the pictures, too. funny because when my co-worker and i first saw pictures of it, we were like, is it a literal interpretation of his scribbles? ^_^

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