Alexa Meade’s Photo Paintings

So, I recently read this story about an AMAZING young artist, Alexa Meade. According to her website:

Rather than creating representational paintings on a flat canvas, Alexa Meade creates her representational paintings directly on top of the physical subjects that she is referencing. When photographed, the representational painting and the subject being referenced appear to be one and the same as the 3D space of her painted scenes becomes optically compressed into a 2D plane.

In other words, what you see below are real live people who were painted on and placed before a painted background to give the illusion of an actual painting! Her work is a trip. The first time I saw the photos, I had to do a triple take, look in real close, then take another take, and was still tripped out. Incredible.






Jaimie (via Yahoo)


Jaimie with artist Alexa (via Yahoo)


Alexa Meade

(check out her site for more photos from her installations)

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3 Comments to “Alexa Meade’s Photo Paintings”

  1. whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh??? so amazing. i’m stunned. and happy

  2. damn… feels like I’m high looking at her photographs/paintings.

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