Tiago Barros’ Passing Cloud

Holy moly! Check out the Passing Cloud concept by New York designer Tiago Barros. The idea is based on the idea of floating like a cloud in the sky. Passengers would hang out on its surface for the entire trip. Because the “cloud” is wind-powered, the wind is what would determine where and how fast the cloud goes. It’s also very green in that it emits no exhaust, produces no waste, and uses very little energy. According to Barros’ site:

“It’s an unique journey. The feeling of floating in the atmosphere – on top of a cloud – with an open schedule and unknown final destiny. All National Ground would be potentially covered at virtually no cost and the help of the wind. The journey becomes your destiny.”

Obviously I have tons of questions… like safety (how to keep from rolling off), how to get back home (will I need to catch a ride back from cornfield), will there be a bar (all that leisurely floating sounds much more pleasant with a cocktail in hand), and where the potty is (!)… But all in all, what a neat concept!







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