Ring Ring

Change that to “a gin & tonic” and I’m all over. Actually, who am I kidding, either way, yes, please.

Especially fitting because tomorrow we (J, Mikisoo & I) are embarking on what we’ve been calling our “drinky cruise”. The three of us don’t have the luxury of really going on elaborate vacays, so we really relish any road trips and staycations we manage to put together. This weekend we’re cashing in on several coupons (thanks, livingsocial, travelzoo, bloomspot!). Cocktails & appetizers in Marina del Rey, a drinky 90-min cruise in Newport Beach, and dinner, hitting the town, and staying over in Laguna Beach. It’ll be nice to hang with the chiquitas and “technically” get out of LA, at least for a little while.

Happy Friday and weekend!!





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2 Comments to “Ring Ring”

  1. Wow!!!! What a fun way to use up your group coupons!! A total weekend excursion. YAY!

    And what a fun little button.

  2. sounds so fun, and that’s the way to do it. drink a durtay martini for me 🙂

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