Dalton Ghetti Miniature Pencil Tip Art

Mind boggling. Check out the detailing. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around it! Dalton Ghetti, you are one crazy remarkable artist!












via Out of Office On. via Odd Stuff Magazine


2 Comments to “Dalton Ghetti Miniature Pencil Tip Art”

  1. Holy. Fri. Holes…..OMG, are you serious? are you serious… OMG… I have no words!

    • can you believe it? crazy amazing. according to his site: To create his sculpture, he holds the pencil in his hand under a strong light source (table lamp or sunlight) and carves it mostly with a sewing needle and a very sharp, triangular, small, metal blade. He works at very small intervals: 1 to 2 hours maximum per day whenever he gets inspired. He works very slowly by removing specks of graphite at a time. It therefore takes months or sometimes years to complete a sculpture.

      a sewing needle, girl!

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