In The Wake Of Dreams @ thinkspace gallery

The thinkspace gallery is showing a group exhibition called In The Wake Of Dreams, which includes one of my faves, Amy Sol! There is a reception with the artists on opening day, 10/8, from 5-9pm. Do I dare try to go and meet Amy? But I get so starstruck I may end up just staring sheepishly at her from the other side of the room or, even worse, actually meet her only to blither all over the place. Though I’d probably manage to get out my stock, “Hiiiiiiiiiiiii, [Ay-meeeeeeeeeeeee].” Horrors.

In any case, I’d love to go and check out the works by these talented Asian women!


What:  In The Wake Of Dreams

Where:  thinkspace gallery

When:  10/8/11 – 10/29/11


thinkspace gallery


3 Comments to “In The Wake Of Dreams @ thinkspace gallery”

  1. OMG. you have to go. Even if you sputter out a meekly “hiiiiiii” at least you did it!

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