Can you guess what this is?





No, it’s not a giant golf ball and tee. Nor it is a room freshener. It’s a smoking device.

For all you high class smokers out there, Awmoo  may just be just up your alley. They offer this sleek and discreet water pipe, designed in the shape of a sphere and handmade by porcelain art sculptors using fine bone china. I read a suggestion that perhaps non-smokers could use it as a fragrant oil burner. $150 for an oil burner seems a bit steep for me, but to each his own. Also, I wonder if they offer an easy method of keeping it so crisply white!

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3 Comments to “Awmoo”

  1. oh wow! it certainly makes sense now that i see it. how funny is that??

  2. does it have an ash catcher atatchment? lol

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