Greener Living: Takeya

Takeya’s beautiful beverage containers are definitely on my wishlist. Their designs are clean, sleek and elegant. currently has an offering of Takeya containers, so this might be my chance to score some!

Specifically, I have my eye on:


One of their lovely reusable Glass Water Bottles


This clever Fruit Infusion Jug made of BPA-free Acraglass™ has a fruit blocker lid to suspend the fruit when you pour.


These SWIRL Tumblers are BPA-free, shatterproof and reusable. Perfect for summer get-togethers or exciting Wii parties (glasses have been known to become casualties of some of ours)!


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4 Comments to “Greener Living: Takeya”

  1. Shatterproof sounds perfect for me. hahahaha.

  2. Thanks for sharing such a great review. We’re glad to hear that you like our products! Do you have any thoughts on what fruit infused drinks you would like to create?

    • thx for the note! your products are beautiful and your eco-conscious designs are definitely a plus. as far as drinks, oh, the possibilities seem endless… from refreshing flavored water, to sangria and cocktails! it sounds like it may also be good for fruit/spice infused teas and ciders in colder weather. =)

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