Rehearsal Bridal Bouquet DIY

My sister is getting married this weekend and I am a bridesmaid! Have you seen the movie 27 Dresses? I haven’t, but I’ve been told it’s like my life. This summer I’m honored to be in 2 weddings and they will be my 7th and 8th. Not quite 27, but how funny if I had kept all my dresses, too!

For my sister’s wedding, I’ve been tasked with making the rehearsal bouquet. I’ve only done this twice before and both times I totally winged it. I was lucky to have lots of ribbon to work with this time, whereas the ones I did before I ended up buying faux flowers for to help puff them up — the only downside to receiving gift cards. 🙂 Here’s how this time went:

For the rehearsal bouquet, you traditionally take a paper plate and make it at the bridal shower. I’ve never done this because I usually need time to mess around with it and figure out how to best put it together. I used a scissor that cuts a scallop edge to cut a paper plate circle and then cut an X into the center. I surveyed the ribbons I had to work with. Lots of pink! (There was lots of Victoria’s Secret gifts). I pulled out a couple sets of ribbon bows that looked like they would look cute together and I used glue dots to stick them together. Since the bows were large, I used a generous number of glue dots. Or you could hot glue them together, too.
















I gathered the tails of each bow pair and pulled them through the X. Then I pulled through and arranged other bows that seemed like the would nicely make the bouquet fuller.




I didn’t use all the ribbon bits I had because I didn’t want to end up with too crazy looking a bouquet trying to incorporate them all — I wanted to shoot for simple and elegant. I used white floral tape to pull together the bow tails once I was done arranging. At first I taped down to a handle length. I couldn’t decide what to do with the rest of the tails plus the handle seemed too skinny. After some messing around, I decided to gather the tails and wind them back up the handle so that I would end up with nub that showcased the ribbons while making the handle more substantial.



There was a long, wide piece of ivory satin ribbon that I used to wrap the handle. I started near the base of the plate, crisscrossed wound them down and then back up, then finished it off with a bow. It was a little tricky wrapping the ribbon while trying to keep the two ends as even as possible so I’d end up with equal lengths to make the bow. If you’re using floral tape, you definitely want to wrap it with something because 1) it can feel tacky and 1) it can unravel with a lot of handling unless you either pin it or otherwise keep it in place. I also knotted the ribbon a couple of times to make sure it was secure. There was a nice piece of gray satin ribbon, too, and since grey is one of my sis’ colors, I tied it to the handle base, too. Not sure if I like it, though — it looks like it’s just randomly hanging there —  so I may end up taking it off or try tying it in a more pretty way.













And there you have it. I think it came out pretty cute. I hope my sis likes it!



4 Comments to “Rehearsal Bridal Bouquet DIY”

  1. I’ve never seen or made one of these! hahaahah

  2. nice work kero! very cute!

  3. My partner and I stumbled over here from a different page and thought I
    might as well check things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to looking over your web page again.

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