Garden Discoveries

I finally purchased a basil and thyme plant this morning. Perfect timing because it turned out this weekend OSH is paying our sales tax. And at only $2.50/each, even if I can’t keep them alive past this summer, they will be well worth the cost.  Herbs at the market are expensive, yo!  I’m going to have my daddy help me pot them.



While in my parents garden, I also made the following discoveries. The jujube trees are starting to fruit. Little tomatoes are clustering.  And check out the cucumber.


And a good luck sign.  This is an orchid plant my sister got my mom for Mother’s day four years ago. For the past two years it hasn’t bloomed, but my dad continued to care for it. A little while ago, he thought he noticed signs of new shoots. Happy surprise.  Check it out now! My mom is ecstatic.


Happy weekend everyone!!



3 Comments to “Garden Discoveries”

  1. oh my gosh, your parents are the cutest!! and how awesome that you have such amazing produce growing in your backyard. Umm… What’s a jujube? is that where jujubees come from?

  2. oh wow, their garden looks great!!! I want to grow some fruits and veggies! again, need a yard… maybe i do want a yard afterall haahahaha

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