Mini Lemon Bundt Cake Test

Kat’s bridal shower is just about a month away and KTai and I are in super planning mode.  We had thought to put my mini bundt pan to use and make mini bundts as shower favors.  In keeping with the fresh summer shower theme and Kat’s wedding colors of grey & yellow, we’ve decided to test out various lemon cake recipes to see which one we like best.

The other night I tested out this Williams-Sonoma recipe.  I tweaked it a bit by using 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract rather than the vanilla bean.  This is what I learned:

  • Lemon extract IS NOT the same thing as lemon oil.  My bundts were not nearly lemony enough.  I added about 2-3 Tbsp of lemon extract to the glaze and that seemed to help a bit.  But I definitely need to try this again with lemon oil.  Though I might still add a bit of lemon to the glaze…
  • It’ll seem like a lot of glaze but try to use all of it.  These babies seriously soak it up and need it, judging by my taste test of the pre-glaze bundts, which were slightly on the drier side.  It also gives it a nice layer of sweet flavor.
  • Next time, I’ll double up on the vanilla extract, too.
  • You definitely should glaze over some parchment paper or I used a cutting board to catch the drips.

Can’t wait to see how KTai’s test goes.



2 Comments to “Mini Lemon Bundt Cake Test”

  1. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! I love your little step-by-step pics!

  2. I’ll have to come back for a guest post when I test the other recipe! but the little bundts are soo freakin cute!

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