DIY: Testing Out Thank You Notes

In the age of emails, text and instant messages, one tradition I hold dear is the handwritten card.  I still love to mail out holiday cards, give birthday cards and send out thank you notes.  I have a small collection of neat cards ready for such occasions.  I particularly like perusing museum and library stores for cards.

But after the Paper-Source workshops I’ve checked out, I’ve been inspired to make my own.  I didn’t mean to, but before I knew it, I made a couple of Michaels trips and lost my damn mind.

Now that I all these supplies, what to do first…

I thought I’d start small.  I put to use the mini envelope template from the pack I got from Paper-Source.  Let’s just say, lots of tracing, cutting and scoring.  Then I cut out cardstock to make little mini cards.  All this took more time than expected.  I’ll also need to invest in a proper scorer because the scoring tip of the tool I got is already worn down.








I decided it might be cute to make little thank you note cards.  I used the clear stamps and stamp blocks I got.  Not sure I like the lettering for this particular project, but it was ok until I tested one of the $1 stamp pads I got from the sale rack.  The yellow basically dripped all over.  The prep was also tiring, so next time I’ll prepare it ahead of time.  Also, the cardstock wasn’t quite thick enough so the embossing showed through the other side a bit.








On my next “browsing” trip (like 2 days later), I broke down and picked up a “thank you” stamp.  This time tried making some matting, too.







The little trees stamp refused to stamp evenly.


Now to work on some design ideas so I can actually produce something I can give out.  With the money I’ve invested so far, I’ve given my friends permission to smack me if I purchase another set of cards within the next several years! 🙂


2 Comments to “DIY: Testing Out Thank You Notes”

  1. I love paper cards (and Micheals) too. Those thank-you cards look so cute and professional

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