andweadore Inspiration Expedition: Santa Monica Airport Antique Market

The andweadore team went on its first inspiration expedition last month to the Santa Monica Airport Antique Market.  We were there bright and early, coffees in hand, to check out what the market had to offer.  It was the first visit for all of us so we had a great time chatting with vendors and checking out their wares.  I was able to takes some neat photos until (first) one grouchy vendor basically gave me a hand slap for taking photos and (then) I got weighed down with my goodies and had to put the camera away.

KTai purchased a beautiful vintage dress, which you can see here.  Lammy came away with some cute little plants.  And I was excited to come home with a 1940’s low-back chair that Kat spotted and a beautiful 1920’s 2-drawer side table.  I ended up lining the drawers of the table with some pretty wrapping paper I had on hand.  I’m still trying to decide where to put the chair.  It’s wide seat makes it very comfortable, but I may reupholster it.

Side table = $40.  Chair = $50.  Kero’s thrill from these finds = priceless!

I can’t wait to go back and spend more time checking out everything the market has to offer.



3 Comments to “andweadore Inspiration Expedition: Santa Monica Airport Antique Market”

  1. I love our finds!!! Did you put the chair and side table somewhere yet?

  2. LOVE YOUR PICS!!! Wasn’t there a group shot somewhere in there??? hahaah.

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