Birthday Party DIY: Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Every year J enlists me in helping her with her son’s birthday party.  This year the party was to take place at his pre-school and Caleb was very specific about the theme.  He wanted not just any old pirate birthday party, but Jake and the Never Land Pirates birthday party.  For those of you unfamiliar, it is a new show on Disney channel that just started so it’s still too early to find anything in the party stores with Jake on it.  Sooo… we had to get creative.

J sent me examples of the types of things she wanted me to make.  Gift tags, banner, CD labels, and we thought it would be cute to also create matching iron-ons for the gift bags.  I used images I found online and good old Powerpoint.  Here’s what I did for each:

Gift Tags:  I created 2 circles in powerpoint — one red and one slightly smaller in white.  I chose a dotted border on the white and centered in on the red so it created a red border.  I found an image of Jake, cropped it and placed in within the white circle.  Then I created a text box for the thank you message.  I “grouped” the pieces together then just copied and pasted until I had enough tags.  These were then printed out on weighted paper, cut, and pasted on a slightly larger black construction paper circles to create the black border to give it extra weight.  J tied the tags to the gift bags with cute straw ties.

Iron-Ons:  Basically the same method as the gift tags but in rectangle shapes.  I edited the Jake image so that it read “Caleb” instead of “Jake”.  These were personalized with the names of the kids in his class.  Also note, with iron-ons, you need to flip the image so that you print the mirror image.  And if ironing onto gift bags, makes sure the material is cotton or something similar that will not melt with the heat of the iron.  We hadn’t considered this and learned the hard way… ick.

CDs:  I burned CDs of various Pixar/Disney songs (e.g. stuff from Monsters Inc., Cars, etc.).  I used the edited Jake image from the iron-ons for the CD labels.  The labels should come with a template and you basically work it the way you would work powerpoint (e.g. text boxes).

Banner:  I figured we could cut regular letter sized paper in half (landscape).  We alternated between black construction paper and red/white striped paper as the base.  In powerpoint, I used the landscape view so I could be sure to fit 2 circles on each page.  I chose the dotted border with light yellow for each circle.  I also found skull & sword and compass images I liked.  I printed on weighted paper, cut, and pasted on the background paper.  Then J cut 2 slits on top to weave black ribbon through.

It just goes to show, you can create any cute theme decorations with a little research, time, and DIY-ness.  Hope this helps give you some ideas for your next party!

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67 Comments to “Birthday Party DIY: Jake and the Neverland Pirates”

  1. omg. i had no idea you were doing all this!!! my birthday is in October. 😉

  2. They turned out soo cute!!! Caleb have such an awesome auntie!

  3. oh my goodness these are sooooooooooooooo awesome! ive always wanted to do this stuff but never know where to start – i just get overwhelmed by my options and give up. 🙂 lucky little guy to have such a cool auntie! his party must have been pretty impressive!

  4. thank you, ladies! ya, the prep work and just getting the images right took some time, but other than that it’s not too bad. the banner esp looks the most impressive even though it was the easiest to do. =D

  5. Hi…Loved your ideas and was able to do a banner in powerpoint also, would you mind telling me how you are able to edit the jake image to change the name to Caleb?


    • Christina, I’m so happy to hear the ideas were useful to you! For the Jake image, I copied the image into powerpoint. Then I created a rectangle box to cover the Jake name and tried to match the beige color so it would blend in. Then I created Caleb in powerpoint’s Word Art (again trying to match the color, outline and font of the original Jake) and placed that over the beige rectangle. It wasn’t perfect, but pretty passable.

      Hope that’s helpful. If not, please feel free to email me at and I can send you my powerpoint for you to play with. =)

  6. Very cute! Love it! I came across these cute pirate party supplies so I just wanted to share:

  7. Can you email me you templates?? I’d love to incorporate some of your ideas for my 4 year olds b-day in a few months!

  8. i was wondering where you purchased the drawstring pouches i love this idea for my son’s birthday i like buying little by little so i don’t spend so much at once but if it need to order in bulk i will thanks =)

  9. all of your ideas are adorable and do able! thank you so much your wonderful!!! =)

  10. I’ve decided to sew the bags myself they seem really easy to do i found this template and with my coupons from joann’s i’m sure it shouldn’t be too expensive. thank you again for the idea and here is the template i found if anyone else is interested reason being too i want them a little bigger in size and they come with a lot less for the price.

  11. hi i am planning my son 4th birthday party, i would like to know more about how you did your barner with the black dots….. please help me……

    • Hi, Maribel. Thank you for your inquiry! The banner is quite simple. I used powerpoint to create the white circles with letters with the dotted border. Then I used a circle cutter to cut them out and paste them onto colored paper. Then I cut 2 small slits on each to weave through the ribbon. I’m happy to share my template for the letters if you’d like. Email me at if you’d like them. =)

  12. It looks great!! I’m on the hunt for ideas!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Can I also email you for the templates??

  13. Hi there, I absolutely love your ideas, I’ve watched your slide show over and over again. Could I please have the font name you used?
    Many thanks

    • Hi, Helen. You are very sweet — I’m glad you liked the ideas.

      The fonts I used:
      Banner – Albertus Medium
      Iron-ons and tags – Kristen ITC

      Feel free to email me with any other questions! =)

  14. Wow everything looks so cute! So creative! Thank you so much for sharing ur ideas. I know u answered above but could i please name of the font u used for his name? I would really appreciate if you could share your banner and iron on templates with me 🙂 Please i am doing my son 3rd birthday in a few week Thank You so much.

  15. Hi everything looks so cute. You are so creative. I am doing my son 3rd b day soon and was looking for cheap decorations I could make. Do u think u could please sent me ur banner and and iron on templates please I would really appreciate it. Thank you 🙂

    • Hi, Michelle! I’m so sorry for the late response. I don’t check my WP very much lately. You can feel free to email me directly and I’d be happy to share any templates. =)

  16. Hi, I love everything you did for this party theme.

    My son has requested a Pirate Birthday Party, and your blog was all I needed to solidify the party theme. Im excited now! Would you be willing to email me the templates? I have already sent an email.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  17. I LOVE your ideas. I’m planning my son’s 4th birthday with Jake & the Neverland Pirates. I’m really interested in the iron-ons. I am power-point illiterate. Could you help me or send me a template so I can create one for my son. I would greatly appreciate it.

  18. What amazing ideas! I would love if you shared the templates to help us plan our sons 3rd birthday party!

  19. Ur all ideas are adorable for jakes theme party… love it … i would love if u can send me the template of happy birthday alphabets … asiam planning my sons 3rd birthday party …
    thanks in advance.

  20. You did an awesome job!!! I emailed you regarding the templates, thanks for all of your help! 🙂

  21. How did you achieve the iron ons I’m confused lol. My son birthday is Aug 31, so I’m just trying to get everything together. Also your templates for the banner pleassseeee.

  22. Where did you get the striped banner paper

  23. I got your email with the iron on website but not the templates for the banner and letters

  24. Hi, am planning a Jake and neverland pirate theme party for my son real soon! wld be happy and grateful if u can share yr template, could you kindly email me at thanks a million! 😀

  25. Hi Im trying to setup for my sons three birthday and I would love to make the banner but Im having a hard tiome getting the shapes right so if you can seen me the templates that you have for any of the things you made thanks.

  26. Thank you so much if you have any other templates for this I would love to get them so I can make this a wonderful party for my sweet little Charles.

  27. Thanks so much for the banner any other templates that you may have for this party would be great. Thanks a bunch.  

  28. I am trying to setup my son’s 3rd birthday party and I found your lovely banner!! I was wondering if you would be interested in sharing your templates that you have for anything you made!! My addresss is…oh course you would get all the credit

  29. hi Keroiam, I too am trying to set up a pirate birthday for my sons 5th coming up in a couple months time and would LOVE to get a copy of your templates my email is thank you soo much!! 😀

  30. I love your ideas…and my premie son is turning 1 next month and would love to do this for his banner please can you email me Thank you very much. would love to get the templates too.

  31. Can you put me in line to email the templates of the banner also I am terrible with setting stuff up on the computer thanks Great Looking Party

  32. I just saw your page and my son has his 4th birthday day this week.His name is Caleb as well. Can you please share your powerpoint template.

  33. Hi there.
    I am trying to recreate your bunting banner with the red/white and black background. I can’t find the striped paper anywhere….could you please head me in the right direction?

    • Hi, Briana. I found the paper at Michael’s. You might try a craft store or even at an online store like Amazon. In a real pinch, you could always create a document with colored stripes and print your own striped paper at home. Good luck!

  34. hi. Keroiam, I too am planning a pirate birthday for my son in 2 weeks time and would LOVE to get a copy of your templates especially the banner my email is thank you soo much!!

  35. Hi there Keroiam! I am working on my son’s 2nd birthday and we are doing Jake and the Pirates as well. If you wouldn’t mind, I would love to be able to use your templates as well. I would appreciate it so much! Also, what type of paper did you use for the red and white stripes? I keep looking, but I only see card stock, not just regular paper. Thank you again so much! My email is

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