Starr African Rum

The other night I had dinner at The Foundry On Melrose.  While we were waiting for a couple others  to arrive, I ordered one of their specialty cocktails, The Madagastarr, and my drink was  fantastic! So refreshing, perfect for an evening still warm with the day’s heat.  The drink contained rum, cilantro, tamarind, ginger ale and lime.  Poured over ice and tossed just twice (apparently this is  important).  The rum was surprisingly light, clean and amazingly smooth.  The herb, sweet and sour flavors were really well-balanced and very light. Seriously yummy.

Now, the reason they spell the drink that way is because they use Starr African Rum.  The manager told us it is the only rum to come out of Africa, goes through an ultra refining process… and something about the island and volcanic rock and sea water… and it is bottled in recycled glass (beautiful red bottle).  They also give a percentage of sales to charities benefiting African development.


I made an inquiry to find out which LA area stores carry Starr and got a really nice response back from the CEO himself!  He writes:

“Thank you for your interest in Starr African Rum.  We’re thrilled you are a fan!  You can find Starr in the following stores.

  • K&L Wines & Spirits 1400 Vine St LA 90028  (323)464-9463
  • Wally’s Wines & Spirits    2107 Westwood Blvd  LA  90025  (310)475-0606
  • Mel & Rose Wine & Spirits   8344 Melrose Ave 90069  (323)655-5557
  • Cap & Cork   1674 N Hillhurst Ave  90027   323.665.1260
  • Liquor Bank  3600 Stocker St 90008  323.296.7467
  • Beverage Warehouse   4935 McConnell Ave, Bldg 21 LA  90066   310-306-2822

If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Being a tiny, indy company with little more than an award winning rum in a beautiful bottle, we appreciate you helping us spread the word by telling all your friends about Starr.  Thanks again for your support. Enjoy!


Jeffrey Zarnow
Chairman & CEO
Starr African Rum”

And this is why small businesses rock.  Awesome.  Can’t wait to pick up a bottle a try out some of their recipes (which you can find on their site) myself!  Cheers!

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2 Comments to “Starr African Rum”

  1. that cocktail sounds good other than the cilantro part haahahah
    So nice of the CEO! That’s how you know its a nice small business cause they care!

  2. how cool kero! way to support a small bizz! great timing as well! it’s time for summer drinky-poos!

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