Awful Salesmen & Banana Cream Pie

Ok, my apologies in advance but I needed to vent.  I have been in the market for a new car and have been conducting research for the past several weeks.  But for some reason I have been cursed with rude, uninterested and/or unreasonable responses… and I’m still just in the internet research stage! Unbelievable.  At this moment, I feel two things:

1.  To do this:


2.  To eat this:


Maybe the latter since it’s a Ellie Krieger recipe, so I can feel a bit less guilty.


Photo Sources:  The Murky Fringe & Food Network


7 Comments to “Awful Salesmen & Banana Cream Pie”

  1. ugh. i feel you. i hate car shopping too. i feel like the entire industry is filled with dishonest people. i leave all of that stuff to calvin now. thank god.

    which cars are on your “research” list?

    • you’re so lucky. it’s been a nightmare. giving me a headache!
      i’m looking at the elantra and the jetta. the elantra people act like their cars are flying off the shelf and have no time to deal with me. jetta people, actually one person, was so ridiculous that i finally had to tell her off… in the nicest possible way. =)

  2. hahaha sounds like my experience with the honda people. they acted like they were doing ME a favor by LETTING me buy a car on their lot. so retarded!

    i vote jetta! (not that you asked, of course) 🙂

    • viv, you’re so right! the worst one was in riverside, where you’d think they were hurting enough to really try to bring you in. ugh.

      i know! jetta is so cute and has the sunroof i want, but the elantra is a better price & fuel efficiency. at this rate, i will go with whoever doesn’t sound like an ass. =)

  3. Get a Jetta!!! The sales guys at the downtown VW where I got my CC were really nice and really willing to help… if you want, the dude’s name is John… asian guy!

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