Old School Jams: Father’s Day Edition

In honor of Father’s Day, today’s old school jams include those I know my daddy loves and that remind me of him.  Happy Father’s Day!


This grouping has got to include some Elvis, so here’s Love Me Tender.  My dad’s always had a great voice and I remember him singing Elvis songs since I was little.


Tom Jones and Harry Belafonte are two of the tapes I remember being played over and over on our family roadtrips.  Sometimes this drove my sister and I, antsy in the back seat from hours of driving, ka-razy.  But I couldn’t help but to end up admiring and loving the sound of their voices, as well.  Tom Jones’ Green Green Grass of Home is one of my daddy’s faves.


Islands In The Stream actually reminds me of both my parents, and I used it as part of the soundtrack for a compilation DVD I made of their roadtrips photos.  They are cuties.  And who doesn’t love this song?  Feel free to join in the chorus!


2 Comments to “Old School Jams: Father’s Day Edition”

  1. super sweet…love me tender always makes me all puddly… what a moving post!!!

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