Inside the Wolvesden

Had the rare and fabulous opportunity to visit the wolvesden last week.  My first underground supper party and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was beyond excited to discover what the wolf, Craig Thornton, would create that evening.  He hosts these “dinner parties” about 3-4 times a month in his downtown loft and only a maximum of 12 people can attend each party, so it was truly a treat.

Suffice it to say every dish was beautiful, creative and deliciously prepared.  We got there at 7:30 pm and left blissfully full 4 hours later.  It was so cool to be able to hang out and watch him work and ask him questions.  He and his assistants were really chill and patient while many of us were like food paparazzi all up in his kitchen, though we did try our best to stay out of their way.

To top it off, Craig is a totally nice guy.  Chatting with him afterwards, it was fascinating to learn about all the prep and work that goes into pulling each of these dinners off, and about himself and his thoughts on food  and the food scene in general.

I hope to one day be able to attend again (I’ve heard the wait list is 2000+), but until then, I will dream about this dinner for a while…

Photos:  Was hating myself for forgetting my camera this day.  Luckily KTai let me borrow her D40. Unfortunately it ran out of battery partway through so I switched to the iPhone while I let it charge a bit. When back to D40, after a few shots, ran out of space.  Figures.  No matter, it was a fantastic time!

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The menu (10 courses):

  1. Crab & fried green tomatoes
  2. Chowder with potatoes, clams, chives, celery, fennel
  3. Ocean trout, green apple, reduced apple cider, haricot vert
  4. Black truffle risotto with asparagus
  5. “Wandering the Forest”: rabbit, porcini “soil”, green tea “moss”, baby radishes, raw porcini, baby lettuce, nasturtium, ruby streak, emerald mint
  6. Verjus-violet ice
  7. Pork belly, spicy pork fermented black beans, raw peas, steamed bun
  8. Lamb, pickled cherries, raw cherries, Rainier cherry, coffee grinds, creamed Hen of the Woods mushrooms
  9. Kabosu curd, chocolate tofu mousse, black sesame sauce, ume, cream cheese shortbread, shaved chocolate
  10. Poundcake ice cream, fresh strawberries, wild strawberries, strawberry pop rocks

And here’s a nice article about the chef from LA Weekly:  Craig Thornton: Charlie Parker With Kaffir Lime

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