Mini Banana Bundt Follow-Up

Made some more mini banana bundts the other night.  Had 4 bananas, so I doubled up on the recipe and came out with just shy of 2 dozen bundts.  The little bundts came out moist and yummy, and with the thumbs up I received from tasters, I’m a bit more confident about having you try the recipe.

Here’s the recipe from my previous post.  Again, this recipe should work for mini/regular cupcake or even muffin pans.  You’ll just need to adjust your baking times.

Here are some photos from this attempt.

Banana Bundt Batter


Ready for the Oven


Mini Banana Bundts!

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6 Responses to “Mini Banana Bundt Follow-Up”

  1. oh. mygosh! cutest bundts EVER! this makes me ALMOST want to start baking again (15 years later)

  2. seriously, it anything, they’re at least super cute. that dish they’re on is actually a little saucer so you can imagine how adorable!

  3. They’re so cute!!! did you try to fit them in the boxes? ahahahaha

  4. Yum, these look so cute. I want some mini bundt pans now…


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