Adorned Teaser # 1! (via Stitched + Adorned)

Debut teaser for KTai’s S+A! Go check out what cute things she’s collected for us!

Adorned Teaser # 1!  For the first teaser, I will feature a few accessories. I love me some accessories! It can make an outfit that much better just by putting on a pair of fun earrings or a super cute necklace. I’m loving these Take Me To Morroco Earrings in Coral and White! These little puppies will be available for $12. Next we have these simple but delicious necklaces!  I love me some statment necklace but sometimes I just need a little something to jazz up my da … Read More

via Stitched + Adorned

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2 Comments to “Adorned Teaser # 1! (via Stitched + Adorned)”

  1. Three words: OOO. LA. LA.

  2. Thanks for the support kero!!!

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