Tim Burton @ LACMA

Whew, what a Saturday!  Got up at 5:30am to take my little cousin along to LACMA for the Tim Burton book signing, which took place the day before the exhibition opening.  It’s a good thing we decided last minute to go earlier (7am instead of 9am) because there was already a huge line by the time we got there.  There were well over 200 people in line and the signing wasn’t scheduled to start until 12pm.  Thank goodness I had enough sense to grab us a pair of hand towels (for sitting), some bagels (for munching) and for my cousin’s DS.

LACMA personnel kept reminding us that the signing would end promptly at 2pm and that it was likely that only around 200 people may get the chance to get their books signed, which made us all antsy.  But I must say that once the line started moving, the staff were very well organized and efficient.  We had our books signed by 1pm!  But I hear there were over 800 people there, so I’m sure many went away disappointed.  Some people were still arriving at like 11pm.  Uhh… yea, people…  What were you thinking??

It was so exciting and such a treat to meet him in person!  Just as I imagined with his crazy hair and sunglasses.  I managed what seems to be my stock star-struck, geeked out greeting of, “Hiiiiii, Tiiiimmm.”  A flash back to my super geeky Martha Stewart signing behavior, although this time I also squeaked out a lame, “How are youuuuuu?”  But he couldn’t have been nicer and even stopped to shake my hand.

I didn’t want to hold up the line by trying to nab a pic with him (in other words, with us in the same frame), but here are some I took with the trusty iPhone.  Can’t wait to go back to see the exhibit!

And read more about the exhibit here.

I treated the cuz to some post-Burton burgers at The Counter and their bomb-diggity parmesan rosemary fries.  Soda for her and a much needed alcoholic drinky-poo for me (on a side note: this particular Counter’s alcoholic drinks suck donkey butt).  Thank goodness my evening plans got cancelled because after such a day, I went home and basically passed out.  Damn I’m old…

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5 Responses to “Tim Burton @ LACMA”

  1. oooooooooooo you did it!! i’m so glad! I thought about you and the signing all weekend! he looks smilier than i thought he would. good thing!

    • i posted the smiley pics. haha. =) but while we were waiting, people who had already gotten their books signed were passing by and a lot of them were commenting how nice he was. heart him even more!

  2. Was your cousin super excited too?? Pretty cooollll!


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