Office Plant Adventure: WK4

Office Plant Adventure: WK4

My little buds are really shooting up and I think it’s time to get them transferred (the instructions said when it reached 2-3 inches tall).  I wonder how long before we see flowers.  It’s been long enough that I can’t remember what I planted.  I want to say coneflower… but it that actually a flower?  I could be making it up.  Google time…


3 Comments to “Office Plant Adventure: WK4”

  1. Cutest blog series EVER! Grow little plant dude! go-go-go!!!!

  2. this plant is cute! reminds me of those tipping (?) animated toy i always see at asian gift stores. the one with the round, white cartoon character. haha i dont know what they’re called!

  3. thanks, guys! we’re all rooting for the little guys here in the office, too. next time maybe i’ll just plant one seed so it can stay in that adorable pot!

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