Office Plant Adventure: WK1

Office Plant Adventure: WK1

I have a little plant.  He lives on my office window sill.  Here is his story.

So,  we got one of those $1 flower kits as an office birthday party favor.  You know, the kind that come with a little pot, soil pellet and some seeds.  I tried growing the strawberry kit in my office last year, but they ended up dying, alone and neglected, over a long holiday weekend.  I’m pretty sure they didn’t even make it over a couple weeks.  So I thought I’d try again, but this time I’ve been documenting my little plant’s progress.  I’ll try to make this a weekly post, but I’m on week four (woohoo!) now so I’ll post all at once how it’s been going so far.

Here’s the little guy.. I guess I should say guys… after one week.  I was SUPER excited to see these little sprouts when I came into the office.  Eeeek!


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