Bridal Shower Favors

So, this past weekend was my sister’s bridal shower.  Part of my bridesmaid duties was to make the favors.  We had come up with a Wonderland-inspired tea theme, so I made “eat me” and “drink me” favors.  What I ended up with wasn’t what I had originally planned and I won’t go into all the detours, but, hey, you gotta roll with the punches right?

“Eat Me”

I discovered a recipe for Earl Grey shortbread.  Now, shortbread for some reason is my mortal enemy and refuses to cooperate with me, but shortbread was what I needed to carry out my stamped cookie plans.  This recipe got so many great reviews I felt confident.  Alas… FAIL.  While it smelled heavenly, the “cookie” ended up completely melting flat in the oven and disintegrated upon touch.  I have no idea what I did wrong, but it’s a shame because those crumbs sure were yummy.

So in a near state of panic (because of course I decided to do this the day before the shower) I decided to borrow the tea idea and try it in sugar cookie form.  Of course this derailed my stamp idea, but no matter, I just needed to get it done.  I’ll put up the recipe in a separate post.

I packaged the cookies in tins that I lined with parchment paper, some pretty ribbon, and vintage-y tags my sis picked up.

“Drink Me”

For the “drink me” favor, I just purchased some nice individually wrapped tea bags and put them in favor boxes.  The cute part of this was the wrapping.  I borrowed this idea from my old pal Marty (aka Martha Stewart) — instead regular ol’ ribbon, using yarn to dress up your wrapped gift.  I picked up a multicolor yarn that transitioned from blues to greens to go with the tin ribbon.  I’m so using this idea again!


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