Museum Companion to Los Angeles

I just read a LAT story on the “Museum Companion to Los Angeles.  It seems its author, Borislav Stanic, has compiled an “exhaustive guide to every collection of art, artifacts and vehicles, every historic site, aquarium, botanical garden and zoo he’s been able to uncover in Los Angeles County.”  What’s neat about this guide is that while it contains those well known museums and libraries around town, it also includes all the little known, small, funky, offbeat and random collections.  Bunny Museum?  Check.  Perfume Museum?  Check.  Mini Cake Museum?  Check.  While I probably won’t be taking a special trip out to the Museum of Death anytime soon, it’s kinda cool to know that these sites exist and that LA is home to more of them than any other city in the world.  Onto my book wishlist it goes.


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2 Comments to “Museum Companion to Los Angeles”

  1. what’s this?? is it a book?

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