Paper-Source Workshop

I think I may become addicted..

Last night I went to my second Paper-Source workshop in less than a month.  KTai and I attended the Color, Color, Color! workshop at the Pasadena location and had a blast.  Again, a wonderfully nice group of ladies and a great instructor.  We made so many cute things and we learned how easy it is to create awesome cards and favor boxes with the right tools and some imagination.  This class was definitely more productive than the first one I went to, though that one did have the benefit of wine, cupcakes and munchies.  KTai, who considered herself “non-crafty” is now psyched for another workshop.  We’ve already signed ourselves up for next month’s Beyond Stamping.

Here’s what we were able to make in the 2 hours we were there:

From left to right:

  • Card decorated with buttons and embossed stamp.  We also learned how to line the envelope.  I did mine with pretty woodgrain paper.
  • Pocketbook favor box with embossed stamp decoration.  Also those little studs (forgot what they’re called), which would be perfect for threading ribbon or handles.
  • Card decorated with embossed bird stamps.  We used watercolor pencils to color in the birds.  Then you just add a tiny touch of water, which basically turns it into watercolors.
  • White favor box.  The embellishments are all embossed stamps: white embossed on the black strip and we cut out the other flowers and raised them with foam stickies.
  • A final card with dots (a few raised) and embossed stamping.
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5 Responses to “Paper-Source Workshop”

  1. Those workshops sound like so much fun! Your cards are beautiful 🙂

    • Thanks so much! The workshops are indeed lots of fun. And we got 10% off the price because I signed up with a friend. And, really, with the right supplies, it’s so easy to make these cute cards and boxes.

  2. what’s beyond stamping??? how fun! hey we need to do our fun crafty/knitting/lightroom night!

    • this workshop was much more productive than the one we went to. probably since ours was supposed to be loose and free… and tipsy. =) we should check if there’s a paper-source mid-town that we can all go to!


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