Plannin’ for Craftin’

Wow, time flies and it’s been over a week since my last post!

Well, last week BLam and I went to that Paper-Source workshop I mentioned earlier and it was totally fun.  As it’s located right off the Third Street Promenade, the pre-workshop shopping, tapas, and wine put us in a right good mood.  This particular workshop also offered wine, snacks and cupcakes!  Our group was comprised of all women (surprise, surprise) and we were especially amused by a particular crafter-on-speed who, at one point, snatched the piece I was working on to show me how she does it.  Haha.  She was hilarious.

Anywho, we were like kids in a candy store.  This place has so much cute stuff!  Really had to restrain ourselves.  I picked up an assorted envelope templates pack, pretty labels and a calendar on one of the staff’s recommendations.  This particular calendar, while pretty, has templates on the back of each page for variously shaped favor boxes.  Hot tip alert!  She further suggested that we re-create the templates on thicker stock paper so that it can be re-used.  Genius!  I’m in not one, but two weddings this summer so I’m hoping these tips and tricks will come in handy in the events planning.

Paper-Source Goodies

Then this past Saturday, I went to a knitting workshop.  I taught myself to knit several years ago and have managed to knit a few scarves, but hadn’t picked up the needles since.  So when Groupon offered a knitting deal, I jumped on it.  Unfortunately, time got away from me during the last semester of school and the Groupon was set to expire.  Fortunately, I was lucky enough to get into the last Saturday class before expiration.

Rather B’ Knitting is a cute little knitting store on Ventura in Encino.   Our instructor for the morning was co-owner Lynn, who was as nice as can be.  The class did exactly what I was looking for — a refresher on casting on, tying off, how to read yarn labels, etc.  I also picked up some pretty yarn and a couple handy dandy knitting accessories.  Of course, when I got home I unearthed a ton o’ yarn I had forgotten about.  But no matter, it will be good for practice.  Another great thing about the store, as long as you buy your yarn there, you can come in at any time and sign in for help with any projects, correct any mistakes you’ve made, etc. When the store opened for regular business, you could tell by the interactions with customers that there is a real feeling of community.  A lovely morning.

I think I'm good on yarn...


5 Comments to “Plannin’ for Craftin’”

  1. She’s crafty – she’s gets around
    She’s crafty – she’s always down
    She’s crafty – she’s got a gripe
    She’s crafty – and she’s just my type

    Sorry, I couldn’t help but think of the song when you wrote “crafty”. So excited about our projects this summer!

  2. OH! And I used to crochet YEARS ago, but I would be down to try knitting…I think I have the general concept. It’s addicting though….

    • crocheting is addicting? knitting can be fun — it’s a great time killer, too. my problem is that i’ll start something, decide i don’t like, unravel it, start again, decide i don’t like it, etc. takes me forever to finish a project. well, in my case, a scarf. we can have an old lady knitting/crocheting party.

      • I used to crochet like a fiend. I would be in Simi crocheting away when I was supposed to be getting ready to go to Hollywood. My friends had to come over to my house to pry me away and even when they showed up at my doorstep, I’d still say, “one more line!”

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