Somebody stop me…

While I’m often drooling over or coveting pretty things, I’m not one to really splurge on myself and really only treat myself once in a blue moon.  But ever since I’ve finished my last semester of grad school, something has come over me.  Like something naughty inside is justifying my spending as some kind of reward.  Oh, man, I’m gonna feel the hurt when my credit card bills come in!

So, this morning I found myself on a non-stop browsing/shopping haze rather than working — jumping from one treasure to another.  I wrenched myself away from my desk to go to lunch, which has hopefully broken the spell.

Check out today’s booty!

Paper-Source.  I can look at this stuff all day long.  Today I talked my buddies into attending a couple workshops with me.  ReNew, ReUse, ReCreate – Earth Day Event with  Lammy and Color, Color, Color! Stationery & Favors Workshop with KTai.  Super excited.  If all goes well, handmade holiday gifts will be going out this year.

Paper-Source: ReNew, ReUse, ReCreate - Earth Day Event


Paper-Source: Color, Color, Color! Stationery & Favors Workshop


Joss & Main.  Although I was tempted by the Rowallan sale, I zeroed in on the Nordic Ware goodies.  I was inspired by the scrumptious header photo and ended up getting the Bundt Brownie Pan, which I think I’ll get good use out of.  But Lammy and I were DYING over the Beehive Bundt Pan that I’m still thinking about going back for.

Mini Bundt

Beehive Bundt

.  You know kero loves her some Anthro, but oftentimes it’s way out of my price range.  Today I was happy to pick up a couple Milk Bottle Measuring Cups that have been patiently waiting for me in the cart (seriously, how cute is this!) and a couple lovely little Partial Wing Trinket Dishes.  Every girl can use a trinket dish and, at $4 each, this is an adorable deal!

Anthro: Milk Bottle Measuring Cups

Anthro: Partial Wing Trinket Dish

Ok, now promise to get back to work.  But that beehive bundt pan….

5pm Update:

I’ve recently become enamored with Kay Nielsen and have wanted to get my hands on a copy of East of the Sun and West of the Moon. Illustrated by Nielsen (said to include some of his best work), this is a book of Scandinavian children’s tales.  Given my love of fairy tales and art, this is a win-win for me.  I fell off the wagon by ordering a copy from B&N, though I have my eye on a vintage copy, as well.   *teehee* 🙂


8 Responses to “Somebody stop me…”

  1. Look what I found!!!

    Free shipping also!!!

    SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! You got the milk bottles and the baby bundt cakes! And I love the trinket bowls. You’re right. A girl can never have too many of those! Love shoppings!

    Aww does that mean you didn’t win the ebay auction?

    • eek! beehive bundt pan! tooo cute! you’re not helping, man! haha.

      the auction ends next week, but i made the stupid newbie mistake of putting in an early bid and was outbid today. =( i’ll have to check the status monday. hopefully i can still get in on it.

      • I am the WORST! I know this about myself. I see goodies. I want goodies. Annnnd….done. Buyers remorse is almost non-existent with me. Don’t ever go to the mall with me. I’m in one of two moods…”I just want to go home” or “LET’S DO SOME SHOPPINGS!!”

      • well, at least you don’t have buyers remorse. might as well wholly enjoy your goodies!

  2. btw, you have to show me how you post pictures side-by-side like that….

    • it can be a total pain. i’ve found that there are two ways. easy way is to use the image gallery feature and you can choose 2 columns for side by sides. but this is only good if the gallery is the only place you’ll have pics in the post. and the gallery makes the pics smaller. i didn’t do that for this post because i have my pics spread out and images added somewhere else in the post automatically get added to the gallery, too.

      i usually insert images separately and align left/right. i resize them so they’ll fit side by side. takes some playing around with and can be such a total pain to get right, esp since my theme’s preview can be misleading. >_<

      • Gah! I was hoping you had some blog magic…it takes me forever to do the cute little pics. I actually made my notations in paint and saved the jpeg…OLD SCHOOL, sistah! I’ll try the columns feature….thanks!


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