Public School 612

Got to check out the new bar Public School 612 tonight with J.  They renovated part of the Daily Grill to add this chill new space with old school childhood touches.  The place felt pretty relaxed with really nice staff.  We sat a long community wooden table.  Plus, great 80’s new wave, alternative jams — New Order, Depeche Mode, etc. Kero likey!  We had margaritas (regular & strawberry), fries that they served to us in a paper bag, their wild mushroom lavash pizza (YUM!) and olives.  It’s worth checking out for a relaxed after work cocktail and munchies.


Our margaritas, composition book menu, and table number (all orders are taken at the counter).  Our drinks were tastey but a bit pricey for happy hour.  ~$10 vs. $5 at Library Bar.


Fries in paper bags.  Spicy sweet ketchup and honey mustard dipping sauces.

Utensils wrapped in ruler napkin ring.  Cute!


Delish wild mushroom lavash pizza.  Mmmm…


Afterwards, we popped over to the Library Bar for a final margarita (J’s into margaritas lately).  We missed the after work rush and it was nice to finally be there and find seats!  Great first night to celebrate my freedom from graduate school and wind down after a LONG work day.  Thanks, J!

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2 Comments to “Public School 612”

  1. OOOOO lavash pizza!!?? Sounds amazing…I’m such a thin crust kind of girl. Love the little schoolhouse motif. Now I need to look up how to make spicy ketchup. YUMM!

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