Choco Milk, Seth MacFarlane & Ali

Had a great night with Kat n JO  at L.A. Live last night.  I was SUPER jazzed to finally see Seth MacFarlane perform live at Club Nokia.

We had dinner at LA Market.  Thumbs up for their meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and marinated tomatoes.  Thumbs down for their mojito (WAY too sweet) and tuna dynamite, which is supposed to be their most popular appetizer.  But while it was pretty, it was a strange arrangement of rice, tuna and crab layers with the rice being cold and dry.

Next we headed to Club Nokia and lounged with some drinks before the show.  The greatest discovery of the night has to be Adult Chocolate Milk, the bartender’s recommendation in place of Bailey’s n coffee.  Uh… what is this fantastic drink and WHY had I not known about it before??  ACM is certainly adult at 40 proof, but this vodka based drink is yummy, creamy chocolate goodness with a definite kick.  The changing color of the bar lights makes it look pink here, but it really does look like choco milk.


Next came 2 hrs of Seth MacFarlane dreaminess.  The show opened with the lovely elizaveta who came out dressed something like a baroque garden faerie and sang beautifully and hauntingly at the piano.  But, oh, Seth. *le sigh*  It’s no secret I heart him, but listening to him sing I couldn’t help but find myself being transported into one of those great old-time, unrealistically romantic movies.  Guest, Sarah Bareilles was great, too.  And I believe we have a new Seth convert in Kat. 🙂






Here’s an LAT article about the show: Seth MacFarlane is a singing guy too
And a Music review: Seth MacFarlane at Club Nokia


Finally, after the show we went over to check out the “reALIze” installation (see my previous post).  It was the trippiest thing.  Looking at it as a passerby, it just looked like a random arrangement of speed bags.  Even when you got up to the viewing area, it was still not completely clear.  But through the camera/phone screen, the face snaps into focus.  I can’t even imagine the planning and logistics that went into it, but it was an amazing optical feat.

Here are a couple pictures.

The right shows the vagueness of walking by the installation, though this angle is better than most — at least you can make out a face.

The one below was taken while standing in the viewing area.  Amazing.


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2 Comments to “Choco Milk, Seth MacFarlane & Ali”

  1. I’m so jealous, I can’t even comment right now 🙂 What a monster post Kero! So you liked the Adult Chocolate Milk? I got that for a friend for Christmas. They have it at Bevmo!

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