Seattle: Nick Cave

I was in Seattle the last several days for a conference, but made sure to carve out some time for exploring.

Day One was an utter failure.  I’m going to blame it on dehydration, but I landed in Seattle with what I knew to be the verge of complete descent into migraine territory.  I barely made it through the airport, down escalators and elevators hunting for public transport, the taxi ride (special thanks to my very efficient speed racer driver) and, thank the goodness!, they let me have early check-in at the hotel.  I couldn’t close the curtains and crawl into bed fast enough.  I should mention that I chose to stay at the Hyatt Olive 8, a LEED certified hotel.  I try to stay at unique or boutique hotels when I can, and thought it would be neat to stay at a “green” one.  Anywho, two things stand out on this trip, which I’ll split into two posts.

First, I wanted to check out the Seattle Art Museum and was lucky enough to catch the Nick Cave exhibit Meet Me at the Center of the Earth.  I was unfamiliar with Nick Cave and was utterly amazed at his creations.  The man’s gotz skillz.  I couldn’t help but feel delighted and smile at everything I saw.  Adding to the good vibes, while I was watching the video installation a group of elementary school kids on field trip came in.  Some boys came and sat next to me, then one of them stood up and said, “Hey, guys.  We should let the girls sit.”  Awww, chivalry is not dead!

When I got home, I did a search for Cave and was bummed that I had missed his exhibition at UCLA Fowler last year.  No photos of the exhibit, but… shhhh…. I managed to sneak a couple.  I’m also including another striking work I saw by a German sculptor, Katharina Fritsch.

Katharina Fritsch

Nick Cave

Nick Cave


2 Comments to “Seattle: Nick Cave”

  1. Very interesting!! I love the mouse

    • My pictures totally don’t do it justice. It’s very neat close up. And Nick Cave’s gotz skillz! When you look real close, you’d be hard pressed to find any stitches or how he put the pieces together. Amazing.

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