Looking into the Past

Hey, B.Lam!  Look what I just rediscovered!  We will need to put this back on our to-do list.

Over a year ago, I was lucky enough to stumble upon Jason Powell’s flickr stream entitled Looking Into the Past.  He made prints of vintage photos of various places and took pictures while holding the print up to its modern location, creating a very cool juxtaposition of the past and present.

He inspired my friends and I to undertake a similar a similar project with LA locations.  Step one, based on what Jason did, will be to scour the Central Library’s photo archives.  This will be fun!


2 Comments to “Looking into the Past”

  1. YES!!! I think about this project often!! We need to kick it off again. I agree we need start with a day at the Library! Fun! Today would’ve been a great library day…awww… I wonder if Santa Monica Library has any photo archives? Would be fun in the summertime.

    • i think the central library archives has pics from all over LA county. i remember browsing through it when we first learned about this project. now i wish i had saved images.

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